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Documentaries about Sex Work

Updated: Jan 16

Disclaimer: Please note that any of these documentaries may be subject to their own biases, whether they be pro- or anti-SW. TV is created to sell the most interesting story, not necessarily the most honest. Many documentaries falsely label survival sex workers as victims of trafficking which is a separate issue we will discuss. Even unbiased documentaries may be outdated, or include accidental false information, so please do your own research around these topics.

Stacey Dooley Investigates: Sex in Strange Places

Available on ITVX (First Aired 2016)

A series where Dooley travels the world, visiting survival sex workers of all genders and sexualities to investigate working conditions.

OnlyFans Got Me Fired: UNTOLD

Available on All4 (First Aired 2023)

Meet OnlyFans creators who lost their jobs after their accounts were discovered.

How to Make It on OnlyFans

Available on All4 (First Aired 2021)

Three newbies dip their toes into the industry under the guidance of a SW Mentor.

Tease: The Girl Who Tried OnlyFans

Available on All4 (First Aired 2023)

Documentary Maker turns adult content creator as she explores the industry firsthand.

Confessions of a Cam Girl

Available on All4 (First Aired 2023)

This series follows five UK women working in the camming industry.

A Very British Sex Shop

Available on All4 (First Aired 2019)

This documentary follows a family who run a chain of sex shops in England.

A Very British Brothel

Available on YouTube (First Aired 2015)

A look inside a ‘sauna’ in the North of England, meet the workers and the family that runs the brothel.

Louis Theroux: Selling Sex

Available on BBC iPlayer (First Aired 2020)

This documentary explores the lives of sex workers in the UK, where sex work is partially decriminalised.

Louis and the Brothel

Available on BBC iPlayer (First Aired 2003)

Theroux moves into a brothel in Nevada, meeting the girls who run it, the girls who work there, and the girls thinking of signing up.

The Mega Brothel

Available on YouTube (First Aired 2015)

A look at how legalisation has affected sex work in German Society, especially focusing on the rise of ‘Mega Brothels’ and the working conditions within.

Pleasure For Sale

Available on YouTube (First Aired 2008)

This series follows the lives of sex workers in a legal brothel in Nevada, USA, the only state in which sex work is legal.

Rent for Sex: Ellie Undercover

Available on BBC iPlayer (First Aired 2018)

Documentary maker explores the spike in ‘rent for sex’ cases around the UK in the cost of living crisis, going undercover to meet the ‘landlords’.

Louis Theroux: Dark States (Ep. 2)

Available on BBC iPlayer (First Aired 2017)

Theroux spends time with American Sex Workers working ‘illegally’, particularly individuals in compromising situations such as working under pimps.

Money Shot: The PornHub Story

Available on Netflix (First Aired 2023)

This documentary explores the world of PornHub, the massive growth of the site, some of the big issues that have arisen along the way, and the ways in which people’s lives were affected by them.

Sex Actually with Alice Levine

Available on All4 (First Aired 2021)

Alice embarks a journey of sexual discovery, travelling the UK meeting people who have sex for pleasure, money, and even spiritual enlightenment,

Live Nude Girls Unite!

Available on Netflix (First Aired

This documentary follows a group of dancers in San Francisco fighting for their right to unionise.

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