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Sex Work is Work - By Valerie Voss

"I would sell feet pics if I could..."

Many people are under the impression that sex workers simply snap a few photos of their feet and reach the top 0.1% on OnlyFans. If only it were that easy.

What needs to be remembered time and time again is that sex work is WORK, It takes a lot of creativity, motivation, organisation, and determination. You need to plan ahead to get beautiful images and tantalizing videos. There is the preparation stage where you schedule your uploads (if you are lucky enough to feel you can take mass amounts of content in advance). And, interacting with your fans and followers is a whole different arena.

If anyone is thinking about getting started in this industry, one thing is for sure - not many are able to make it. This happens because of the lack of instant gratification. Sex work is not always instantaneous. You build an image, a reputation, and deliver what people love most about you. Then, there is the fact that you need to stay continually relevant.

When it comes to the different niches, many sex workers would agree that they change so frequently. What people are buying each month can drastically change. Doing sex work takes research and passion. At the end of the day, only those willing to put in the work are able to maintain visibility in the industry. Do not take sex workers for granted! Always remember to tip your favourites, especially if asking for advice or mentoring, and support those working alongside you in the industry.

Article Guest Written by Valerie Voss ( @vvgrrrl ) an American Cam Performer and Dominatrix


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