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What is Kink Shaming?

Kink-shaming refers to the act of criticizing, judging, or stigmatizing individuals or practices related to non-traditional sexual preferences, fetishes, or kinks. It typically involves negative comments, attitudes, or behaviours directed at those who engage in consensual and non-harmful sexual activities that fall outside the mainstream norms.

Kink-shaming can manifest in a variety of ways, such as:

  1. Making rude or judgemental comments about someone's sexual preferences.

  2. Condemning someone's sexual preferences based on your own personal or religious beliefs.

  3. Creating an atmosphere where someone doesn't feel able to express themselves and their interests.

  4. Comparing consensual sexual experiences or preferences to crimes.

  5. Making jokes at the expense of a person/group of people due to their sexual preferences.

  6. Weaponizing kink terminology to degrade someone. (such as 'cuck')

It's important to note that all adult activities, including those within the realm of BDSM, fetish, or kink, are always to be conducted with informed, enthusiastic consent. Expressing your kinks and fantasies is a part of sexual autonomy, and creating an atmosphere where individuals feel uncomfortable or unable to express their interests can be emotionally and psychologically damaging, especially to individuals who are already marginalised and misunderstood.

Respecting others' choices and preferences in their own sex lives is a fundamental aspect of promoting healthy relationships, and a more inclusive and accepting society. It's essential to engage in open, non-judgemental conversations about sex, pleasure, and consent, and to support one another in exploring consensual and fulfilling sexual experiences.


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