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What is Whorephobia?

Whorephobia refers to the negative attitudes, prejudices, and discrimination directed towards individuals involved in the sex industry. Common examples include: slut-shaming, stigma, and harmful stereotypes.

Whorephobia isolates sex workers, denies them human rights, and hinders access to essential services and support systems. Stigmatising and criminalising sex work perpetuates violence and exploitation, and directly contributes to rape culture,

Internalised whorephobia refers to the internalisation of negative attitudes towards sex workers, by a sex worker. This may manifest as self-hatred, insecurity about their job, shame or guilt, or it may manifest as a hatred or judgement of other sex workers who are further down the whorearchy (such as a stripper looking down on escorting as dirty or shameful) as a way to justify their own negative feelings about the industry.

To combat whorephobia we must educate ourselves, and others, and actively challenge negative perceptions and attitudes. Understanding the realities of ALL people in the sex industry is important to dismantling your own internalised perceptions. We must work to advocate for the rights of sex workers, support their access to legal protection, healthcare, and social services. As well as providing space for sex workers to speak openly about their lived experience,


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